Only a Horse Property Specialist will do!

1. SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE A horse property realtor has specialized knowledge and experience in handling properties to be used for horses and livestock. They understand the unique space needs.  This includes such things as the amount of land, the type of fencing, and the proximity of nearby trails or arenas.  They can also advise you on zoning and… Read more

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UNDERSTANDING TITLE INSURANCE Title Insurance Defined First of all, let’s define what Title Insurance is.  Title Insurance guarantees the transfer of the purchased property free of any encumbrances/liens.  Some of these encumbrances are mechanic’s liens, mortgages, delinquent property taxes, home equity lines of credit and court judgments (ie.  child support).  Title Insurance warranties that the property has… Read more

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A Parable From Bear Bringing you a little laughter and encouragement. Sometimes God uses our furry friends to teach us monumental lessons…used by permission from Pastor Mark Scott’s (Journey Church, Yorba Linda) CaringBridge post. 3,308 total views, no views today

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YORBA LINDA LAKEBED WHAT IS IT? If you look carefully on the west side of Yorba Linda, you will find an expansive wilderness area affectionately called “The Lakebed”.  It is tucked behind some residential streets lined with beautiful homes.  Boasting almost 90 acres of open land, you can ride bikes, walk your dog, ride horses or just… Read more

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DEFINITION: We’ve all seen them.  You are driving down the street and you see the little red and white sign posted in the front yard stating “ FOR SALE BY OWNER ”.  In the industry, we affectionately call those a “ FSBO ”. SUCCESS RATES: We all know that a seller can save a considerable amount… Read more

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NOW IS THE TIME TO DECLUTTER! Many sellers need to declutter their homes before getting them ready for sale.  Don’t despair if you are one of them!  Sometimes people have lived in their home for decades and thus have been collecting things for years.  Our nature is to collect things quicker than we purge them. MOTIVATION Your home… Read more

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  REMODELING?  BEWARE OF THE MECHANICS LIEN!   MECHANICS LIEN DEFINED:   A contractor or material’s supplier files a Mechanics Lien as a security interest for non-payment of monies owed after working on your home.  Just because you pay your Contractor does not mean that he is paying his subcontractors and material suppliers. The responsibility falls on you for payment… Read more

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