Declutter Your Home

February 5th, 2019

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Many sellers need to declutter their homes before getting them ready for sale.  Don’t despair if you are one of them!  Sometimes people have lived in their home for decades and thus have been collecting things for years.  Our nature is to collect things quicker than we purge them.


Your home shows well only when it’s free from clutter.  Most people desire to move to a home that is nicer than where they currently live.  Your home’s visual appearance (especially online!) is of utmost importance.  A home that is cluttered looks like it needs work even if it’s in good condition.  Also, your home will look like it does not have enough storage space. Clutter brings the house in, making it appear smaller than it actually is.  Your goal should be wide, bright, and open rooms to give the appearance of lots of space.


Pare down on what you are not using and no longer need.  Now is your opportunity to do so!  Save money later because you won’t be paying to move what you don’t need or worse yet, paying to store it.


Here are a few strategies for getting the job done:

  1. Take your time and declutter in small, “bite size” pieces.  Set aside several weeks and break it up into 15-30 minute sessions each day–maybe a closet or cabinet or drawer each day.
  2. Get rid of what you haven’t worn or used in a year.  When in doubt, throw it out.  Most things are replaceable and chances are you will never need to anyway.
  3. Have a friend (who isn’t emotionally attached) to your belongings help you out.  They will talk reason into you when you are clinging needlessly to some possession.
  4. Make sure the clutter makes it out of the house.  You are OK to store boxes and excess furniture in the garage as long as it’s done neatly. Buyers will not think much of it.


Want a little extra encouragement?  Watch the show called “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo.  It is all the rage right now.  She makes you feel good about decluttering with her tactical approach.  Unburden yourself from extra belongings today!  Carpe Diem!

2,066 total views, 2 views today

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